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Ankle Sprains

Athletic or sports related tendon injuries are common in the feet and ankles. Running, twisting the foot and ankle, and hard impacts are most often to blame. Common injuries range from twisted or sprained ankles, stress fractures or brakes in the bones of the foot, and Achilles injuries.

Ankle sprains and breaks are the result of injury that occurs when the ankle rolls, turns, or twists in an unnatural way. This motion is usually abrupt and can cause a popping feeling or sound as the ligaments, which are like bands that hold the bones together, stretch or rip as the ankle bones fracture.

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Stress Fractures

Stress fractures and shin splints are brakes in the bones of the feet, ankles, or shins. These are often small, hairline fractures that are caused by repeated impact. Runners often get stress fractures on the tops of their feet where shoe laces put pressure on the bones. Runners are not the only people to experience stress fractures as they can occur anywhere in the foot or ankle for a variety of reasons, sometimes related to soft bones as we age or improper footwear.

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Achilles Injuries

An injury to the Achilles tendon is often classified as Achilles tendonitis and is caused by an overuse of a band of tight tissue that connects the muscle at the back of the leg to the bone of the heel. Achilles injuries are most often seen in long-distance runners or those increasing the duration and intensity of their runs due to training.

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Ankle Dislocation

Ankle dislocation is a result of high-impact trauma that affects the tendons in the ankle. Dislocation is often a result of car accidents or sports injuries from jumping actions. The force of the impact forces or stretches the ankle into an unnatural position.

Your feet are probably the most over-looked part of your body. As you exercise or participate in sports, pay close attention to what your feet and ankles are telling you.

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