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Foot and ankle care
for the entire family.
Combined expertise and knowledge
from outstanding practices.
Large group of podiatrist
in the DFW Metroplex and surrounding area.

An orthotic is a device worn inside the shoe that helps correct an abnormal or irregular walking pattern. Orthotics allow people to walk, run, and stand more comfortably. You can find orthotics at any drug store and these often offer mild or temporary relief. However, for best relief, it’s best to have a custom-made orthotic that is especially designed to fit your foot and support your arch.

PMPT offers a range of custom-made orthotics that are designed based on your foot structure and needs. They are made to improve foot function, offer protection, and reduce muscle strength.

Rigid Orthotics – designed to control function and are used primarily for walking or dress shoes.

Soft Orthotics – designed to absorb shock, increase balance, and take pressure of uncomfortable or sore spots.

Semi-Rigid Orthotics – designed to provide foot balance for walking or participating in sports.

Proper fitting shoes and orthotics will impact and improve all areas of your health and promote over-all well-being. To learn more about proper shoes and orthotics or to find out if you might be a candidate for custom made orthotics, find a podiatrist and make an appointment today.

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